Since the day our doors opened, Lucy’s has been home to some pretty radical tales – the stuff that legends are made of. When you mix fun vibes with great people, epic things are bound to happen. We’ve all had those nights when something so incredible happened that no one would think it’s true. Whether your story is about the wilder times in your life or when you met your future better half, we want to hear about it. Share your story, and go down in history as a Lucy’s legend by filling out the form below!


May 18th / 2013

Lucy's has been one of my favorite places to hang out in New Orleans for as long as I can remember. I have plenty of stories, from dancing on the bar celebrating college graduation to meeting a group of visitors who inspired some of my best creative writing. But the one story that stands out above all others for me is role that Lucy's played in my 'Happily Ever After...' view full story

- Kelleigh

November 17th / 2012

Sean and I were going through that phase in life when you’re out every single weekend and you have that one favorite bar that your friends can always find you at. For both of us, that bar was Lucy’s. So one night, I was out with a few friends and so was Sean. Some random guy just so happened to be hitting on me and Sean (another random guy to me at the time) thought it would be cute to cut in and say, “Want me to kick his butt for you?” I laughed and walked off from both guys, not even giving either of them the time of day. A couple weeks go by and we start seeing each other out everywhere in New Orleans...view full story

- Sean & Amanda